CareAcross is a digital health SME focusing on cancer. The mission of CareAcross is to support people affected by cancer through credible information, useful tools, psychological support & advice from experts. Through the delivery of innovative services and tools, CareAcross visions to facilitate faster, more effective oncology research, and medical interaction that will improve patients’ and caregivers’ quality of life. CareAcross has been operating for less than 2 years with thousands of users, primarily but not exclusively, from Europe.

CareAcross personnel is actively involved in several healthcare initiatives such as the European Society for Medical Oncology and Hellenic Cancer Registry. In addition, CareAcross coordinates a Scientific Committee of internationally acknowledged experts in Oncology (30 oncologists from 20 countries, incl. professors at Oxford, Harvard, MD Anderson etc.) who actively contribute their knowledge to the CareAcross Library and support through the CareAcross platform a large number of cancer patients.

Within CrowdHEALTH, CareAcross provides its services and tools for a) Genetic Risk Assessment anonymous survey results that could be used to better understand CrowdHEALTH’s users habits and behavioural patterns, b) Clinical Trials Search that could provide data about what kind of clinical trials users are searching and showing interest at, and c) a scientific glossary, a section with common questions to your doctor and a series of cancer library knowledge base articles could be used to enhance CrowdHEALTH’s technical and domain specific knowledge with regard to cancer.

The CareAcross team has deep expertise in business, technology and oncology, and a strong drive to confront a disease that affects millions of people worldwide. CareAcross possesses a platform that enables cancer patients to connect with each other and with doctors. It allows cancer patients to get reliable information and use interactive tools to help them track and manage their condition. CareAcross contributes to CrowdHEALTH with platforms’ data and social features of its service platform. In addition, the scientific committee of CareAcross acts as a proxy and ambassador to patients in order to amplify CrowdHEALTH’s reach and enhance its affection to cancer patients. Moreover, they lead the use case of Data value in healthcare emerging from social networks – Social Inclusion, where the aggregation and sharing of information emerging from various online platforms take place, as well as the integration of this data into HHRs, developing actionable knowledge through the formulated social HHRs networks.

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