Dalibor Stanimirovic
Nacionalni Institut Za Javno Zdravje

The National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) is an institution for public health practice, research and education. The main objective of NIJZ is to advance research in the field of health and improve the level of health mainly by increasing population awareness and by carrying out other prevention programmes.

National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) participates in the CrowdHealth project as a prominent organization with experience and knowledge in the preparation of professional bases for the adoption of health policies / programs and individual intervention measures. 

NIJZ has been engaged in the review of existing approaches in the field of predictive use of big data and the design of models and recommendations for big data integration in public health policy-making processes.

NIJZ also participated in the development of assistive modelling techniques and adaptable models based on research findings, which could comprehensively support policy-making activities in healthcare and other contexts.