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Software prototypes allow providing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) at the beginning of the project lifetime. With the fast prototyping methodologies even if the components are not fully implemented and the development stage is not finished it is possible to receive early feedback and acquiring valuable feedback from stakeholder partners, validating earlier our assumptions and approaches.

Another advantage of this approach is to start the integration stage early in the project easing the business roadmap transition with the possibility to start the exploitation phase before the product is finished thanks to the delivery of MVPs.This deliverable D3.12 describes the prototype of the advanced interoperability techniques under T3.3 in charge of transforming and mapping data represented under different standards, notations and terminologies.

The prototype is based on the efforts and specifications detailed in D3.9 and it is composed by two modules: Data Converter and Terminology Server. A third module described in D3.9, the Rule Engine, has been integrated including the transformation rules into the Data converter. The prototype converts data from the origin sources into the Holistic Health Record (HHR) and from HHR to HL7 FHIR using the mapping terminologies already stored.

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