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The scope of deliverable D3.7 is to document the preliminary software development efforts undertaken within the context of Task 3.2 - Data Sources and Gateways. D3.7 is a demonstrator deliverable and the current document is the accompanying report documenting the implementation details of the Data Sources and Gateways component delivered within the context of Task 3.2. This report documents the service prototype overview by providing information about the main components of the prototype. More specifically, the document reports on the processes and internal interfaces of each of the services, the external interfaces exposed by the Data Sources and Gateways component, as well as the technologies and tools used in the implementation of the prototype. In addition to the implementation details, the information concerning the source code availability and exploitation has been provided.

It should be noted that the development of the Data Sources and Gateways is a living process that will last until M22, when the Data Sources and Gateways: Software Prototype v2 (corresponding to D3.8) will be delivered. Additionally, the design and specifications of the Data Sources and Gateways component is subject to updates and refinements based on the initial evaluations of the service and any new requirements that may arise as the project evolves. These changes will be documented in Data Sources and Gateways: Design and Open Specification v2 (corresponding to D3.6) in M20 and will drive the implementation of the second version of this deliverable which will be documented in D3.8 as mentioned above.

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