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This ample report examines the state of the art in the realization the mechanisms and algorithms the CrowdHEALTH platform – a secure ICT platform that will incorporate the collective knowledge about health that emerges from multiple heterogeneous source - will be based on, namely of the holistic health care records, of the heterogeneous data aggregation systems and algorithms, of the big data analysis and storage, mining, forecasting and visualization, as well as of the policy development toolkits. Security and privacy enhancing and enforcing mechanisms are also presented and an overview is provided as well. Alongside the state of the art, the enhancements to the previously mentioned mechanisms and toolkits that are planned for CrowdHEALTH will be presented, in order to provide a clear overview of the contributions added and validated through the run of the project.

A second major goal of this report is to provide a comprehensive requirements list, which will be considered during the development of the platform, and which will be later evaluated during the implementation of the pilot programs. More specifically, the requirements will help the research and development efforts by providing support and guiding the decisions and strategies adopted during the specific work packages.

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