Singularlogic Cyprus Ltd

Singular Logic (SiLo) is the leading Greek Enterprise Software Solutions provider and one of the largest Integrated IT Solutions Groups in Greece.  Its activities comprise of the development and distribution of Enterprise Software applications, outsourcing services, design, implementation and support of Integrated IT Solutions of Global leading Vendors for large enterprises of the private and public sector. In detail, SiLo provides high-end solutions and services related to: (i) ERP Solutions, (ii) Retail Management Systems, (iii) Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Solutions, (iv) Logistics Warehouse Management, (v) Business Intelligence (BI) Systems and (vi) Integrated IT solutions for private sector. Over the years, SiLo has built an extended expertise in designing and offering IT solutions for large companies and industries and is actively participating into the research and development of cutting-edge tools and methodologies.

SiLo brings to the CrowdHEALTH project the knowledge and expertise obtained through the participation in several ICT R&D projects that spans from cloud computing and big data technologies, such as cloud platform management services, cloud security, extensibility of services, rapid development of new services, resource and performance management, data analytics, to strong expertise in the development of e-government and e-health applications with significant experience in the development of security compliant software for health applications.

Hence, SiLo is undertaking the responsibility of the development of core components related to data ingestion, data governance, data curation and cleaning of the CrowdHEALTH project and especially of the development of the interface of the CrowdHEALTH platform with the various data providers that constitutes as the entry point of a variety of heterogenous data resources into the CrowdHEALTH platform. Furthermore, capitalizing on its expertise on the novel data analytics, SiLo is involved in the development of the Health Analytics Tools of the CrowdHEALTH platform that enable the definition, assessment and support of public health policy making. Additionally, SiLo is leading the exploitation activities of the project based on its significant expertise in the commercial activities.