Singular Logic Cyprus Ltd was founded in 1996 in Limassol and provides the Cypriot market with the following IT services: (i) ERP Solutions, (ii) Retail Management Systems, (iii) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions, (iv) Logistics Warehouse Management, (v) Business Intelligence (BI) Systems and (vi) Integrated IT solution for private sector. Singular Logic Cyprus has particular experience in designing and offering IT solutions for large companies and industry. For instance, Singular Logic Cyprus installed and provides support for the CompakWin solution at large companies that provide an end-to-end ERP solution for the industry, by incorporating an industrial management module.

Based on Singular Logic Group R&D policy, Singular Logic Cyprus as every company and group member participates actively into the research and development of cutting-edge tools and methodologies to improve the solutions and services of the Group. In collaboration with the European Project Department of the Group Singular Logic Cyprus researchers are able to share R&D know-how in several ICT R&D projects that Singular Logic is participating.

Singular Logic Cyprus participates as partner in the cloud computing projects PaaSWord and Diversity. It has also access to know-how and results associated with cloud computing and big data technologies, on the basis of a wide range of recent cloud projects that the R&D department of the group has participated. These project’s span the areas of cloud platform management services, cloud security, extensibility of services, rapid development of new services, resource and performance management, data analytics. Relevant projects include Cloud4SOA, RELATE, , SUCRE, PLUGIN, STRATEGIC, INVENT, PINCLOUD, EMPOWER, CYSM, DEMONS, TRACER. For example, in STRATEGIC Singular Logic has a leading role in the migration and pilot deployment of real-life cloud services for public authorities. Likewise, in PINCLOUD, Singular Logic has led the implementation of cloud-based patient monitoring platform addressing data privacy and security challenges.

Singular Logic has its headquarters in Athens and operates three direct subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus. In this project, Singular Logic is participating through Cypriot subsidiary. The company’s presence in these countries is certainly an asset for implementing the project’s sustainability and exploitation plans, given that it provides access to channels for sales and marketing of the project results. The company has been significantly investing in technical equipment and training, by providing adequate computing/middleware infrastructure and training in cutting-edge technologies to its employees. SILO has set up and maintains a private cloud infrastructure located in Athens. With respect to security standards, SILO data centre is certified as compliant with ISO 27001.

In CrowdHEALTH, SILO brings ICT experience and expertise in the project, with particular emphasis on the design, development and deployment of cloud-based enterprise software systems and applications. The company has a strong expertise in developing e-government and e-health applications, which are the particular focus of CrowdHEALTH. On the basis of this expertise, SILO is in charge of designing and implanting a data analytics toolbox over the CrowdHEALTH platform, which provides the basis for processing cloud-based datasets in order to support policy makers in their decisions. Furthermore, with respect to the development of security compliant software for health applications, which is a main concern during the implementation of CrowdHEALTH, SILO has demonstrated significant experience in maintaining high quality security standards by being recognized for the trust and responsibility by its clients and achieving the ISO 27001 certificate annually. The company has established a certified information security management system by providing a systematic approach to manage confidential and sensitive information. More specifically, SILO has put in place an Information Safety Management System (ISMS) certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 27001:2005 international standard. The certificate covers the following operations: Planning & development, sales, integration of software solutions and project management for classified projects implemented at the company’s HQ in Athens, and Providing hosting and IT system/infrastructure management services at the company’s data centers in Athens. As a commercial entity, SILO has a leading role in the exploitation activities of the project, including the development of business and marketing plans, but also the conduction of the prerequisite market and financial analysis.

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