SIEMENS is a global powerhouse in electric and electronic industry, a world leader in complex infrastructures solutions and an active provider of sustainable green technologies. Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) develop hardware and software systems and solutions, and a broad range of services for the entire field of information and communication technologies, acting as main driver of innovation inside Siemens. SIEMENS CT Romania is a Romanian branch of these activities. CT has an extensive expertise and experience in all areas of software development, working for a large variety of sectors like energy, mobility, healthcare and industrial manufacturing or services to mention but a few. Current research capacity and expertise of the department in Brasov (acting inside Siemens SRL, Romanian house company of Siemens) encompasses fields like Data Analytics and Monitoring, Constraint Based Configurations and Schedulers, Complex Event Processing, Medical Informatics, Intelligent Networks, Sensor Networks for Remote Diagnostics Systems, Data Acquisition Architectures and Future Internet Technologies. The department acts at the global scale in Siemens Corporate Technology division, core technological house of the corporation. Due to this unique position, the group contributes in the large mesh of knowledge of CT experts, with large access to the EU funded projects where Siemens CT already contributes. From the local group perspective, the expertise offered is centered around some main research cores: Knowledge based systems (with a strong focus on Constraints Based Systems and the mix with Semantic technologies), Event Processing and Event Driven Architectures, Internet of Things in complete stack from device enablement and security, middleware up to predictive analytics, Multi-Agent Systems, Big Data analytics, Cloud Computing and Networking technologies, embedded systems, Intelligent Energy Grid Management or Cities Infrastructures.

Currently more than 45 researchers and developers are working for large scale data analytics projects covering all usual Big Data processing both batch and stream based, for ETL, data cleansing, pattern mining, prediction and reconciliation algorithms. The work performed already provides competitive edge in company business like Remote Diagnostics in Energy Services, Mobility or Medical Equipment Fleets.

In CrowdHEALTH, Siemens brings in the project the expertise of two teams with very long experience in Data Analytics and on Healthcare technology (both Hospital Information Systems data and Clinical Data Modelling). Those teams contribute to the requirements analysis and the architectural specification of a secure CrowdHEALTH solution in WP2. What is more, they support definition, analysis and implementation of targeted functionalities using existing experience in requirements mapping towards working systems and production ready technologies on both Clinical processes environments and Medical IT ecosystems. In addition, SIEMENS leads the information and knowledge acquisition and management work package (WP4) and implements both the situational awareness and analysis and trust management framework of CrowdHEALTH.

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