Oscar Garcia Perales
Information Catalyst For Enterprise Ltd

Founded in the late 1990s ICE started as a specialist consultancy delivering expertise, consultancy and innovative solutions in the field of Services, Data, and Software. Its domain is sector generic but is orientated towards the business and data integration, and focus on extracting value from data.

Within CrowdHEALTH, ICE is in charge of the development of the Aggregator, a component used in the Data Acquisition pipeline to aggregate all incoming data into the FHIR-compliant structure contained in the Big Data Storage, As a result, the Healthcare organizations are capable of exploiting and extracting value from their data. This action is right after the data conversion and cleaning activities from the Health Records coming from the Health organizations.

Every time a FHIR bundle is ready to be sent to the repository, a new record is created in the repository with no direct links to any other records associated with that patient. It is the Aggregators job to add new data to the patient’s existing records.