Oscar Garcia Perales
Information Catalyst For Enterprise Ltd

Information Catalyst (ICE) was founded in the late 1990s and delivers expertise, consultancy and innovative solutions in the field of Services, Data, and Software. We are domain-generic but our focus tends towards the business and data integration and extracting value from data. ICE is active part of multiple voluntary bodies; for example:

•           SME Board member of the Networked Software and Service Initiative (NESSI) where it has also been Steering Committee vice-chair and is currently the SME lead

•           Big Data Value Association (BDVA) where ICE has been a full Member and has been providing and sponsoring resources such as the inaugural Secretary General and Secretariat services

•           Several standardisation initiatives in ISO and CEN/ISSS, such as ISO10303-236, eBiz-TCF, funStep, etc.

Through CrowdHEALTH, we are happy to introduce our products into yet another sector, this time to the healthcare sector. The last few years, ICE has been developing a software tool called ICE Data Platform (IDP) which is built on top of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration (TOS-DI). IDP incorporates a semantic layer on top of the syntactical transformation capabilities of TOS-DI to help the business or data analyst develop their own transformation routines depending on their needs. Within CrowdHEALTH, the IDP is used to develop the XMLtoHHR and HHRtoFHIR routines. These routines serve the health organizations in exposing their data in increasingly accurate formats to finally support them in extracting value from data.