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This document is part of the WP4 Information and Knowledge Acquisition and Management of the CrowdHEALTH project. The purpose of this report is to describe the current status of the Holistic Security and Privacy Framework of CrowdHEALTH, which is crucial for the protection of the CrowdHEALTH’s resources and data. This document presents briefly the regulatory requirements of CrowdHEALTH, and presents the technologies and protocols that will be used to fulfil the relevant requirements. The next version of this deliverable will include technical and implementation details that will be agreed within the project consortium.

The structure of this document is as follows. Section 1 introduces the reader to the scope of this document, while section 2 investigates the data protection requirements that CrowdHEALTH is obliged to follow due to regulatory legislation. Next, section 3 presents a summary of the CrowdHEALTH’s holistic security and privacy framework, and Section 4 is the main section of this document and presents the technologies that will be used by the security and privacy framework. This section will be enhanced with technological and implementation details at the next versions of this deliverable. Finally, section 5 concludes by summarizing the achievements of the CrowdHEALTH’s security and privacy framework.

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