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The Information Aggregation (IA) component enables the aggregation of different information sources to support the creation of Holistic Health Records (HHRs). The IA component handles streaming and batch data coming from various sources in a scalable, efficient and reliable manner to create Holistic Health Records (HHRs). In this respect, the goal of the IA component is to combine a number of disparate data sources into a common format and to store information in a form that makes it easily and readily available for analytics, simulations and decision making. Owing to its vital role in creating HHRs, the IA component is one of the core components of the CrowdHEALTH platform.

The deliverable provides an overview of the CrowdHEALTH project and the technical architecture of the CrowdHEALTH platform in order to put the aforementioned IA mechanism in context. This is followed by the design details and initial specifications of the first prototype of IA component. In doing so, this deliverable clarifies the scope of the prototype and the relationship of the IA component with other components in the CrowdHEALTH architecture.

Like other CrowdHEALTH software components, the development of the IA is planned to be divided in three prototypes. These prototypes will broadly focus on the following aspects:

  •  Prototype 1: Design of micro-services for data aggregation.
  •  Prototype 2: Interfaces to other components, data management and query procedures.
  •  Prototype 3: Stream handling, use-case specific implementations, integration.

This document also introduces the Situational Awareness / Context Analysis approach that will be developed in CrowdHEALTH. Its aim is twofold: (i) Provide insights (e.g. similarity measures) for HHR clustering and classification based on the identified context, and (ii) Propose populations / cases that should be analyzed for policies creation / update based on different contexts and situations.

The deliverable also provides an overview of the functions that can be associated with the first prototype of IA component. The overall functionality of IA component is illustrated through a working example that serves as a scoping exercise and also to set the expectations about the functionality associated with the first prototype.

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