Univerza V Ljubljani

CrowdHEALTH partners Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, and Jozef Stefan Institute are working on the SLOfit dataset to create tools that will allow the policy-makers decide what actions to take to improve the physical fitness of schoolchildren and to reduce risks related to obesity and low fitness.

Policy makers, using certain developed modules, will be able to tackle risks stemming from obesity and inadequate exercise.  These modules include the forecasting module which uses the data of an individual student and forecasts the parameters at the age of 18, the risk assessment module which gives an insight at risks related to excessive or low weight and at risks related to problematic cardiorespiratory or muscular fitness and the intervention module which aims at decreasing the risks after certain interventions are performed.

The tools and modules outlined above are currently being integrated in the platform and will be used as demonstration at the review meeting in October. The work in progress was presented at 21st International Multiconference Information Society 2018, at a workshop Electronic and Mobile Health and Smart Cities.