BioAssist S.A. is an SME that develops innovative commercial services in the fields of assistive technologies and homecare, to enable the growing senior population to live independently at home for longer. The company is strongly affiliated with Bioiatriki S.A. (Biomedicine Group of Companies) (, one of the largest Health Diagnostic Networks in Southeast Europe.
BioAssist S.A. is a company focused on developing innovative technologies to ensure the senior population's life quality, extending and assisting their independent living. BioAssist delivers superior monitoring and communication services through timely response and accurate recording of vital signs and other critical information, serving the constantly changing needs of the health-centric communication services. Via its services BioAssist enhances compliance of the elderly population to their self-care commitments, providing peace-of-mind to them and their families while remaining minor intrusive and offering an excellent user experience.

BioAssist possesses an integrated platform that enables the provision of independent assisted living and vital signs monitoring services that incorporates an EHR for its members. It includes applications for all involved parties (patients, relatives, agents, doctors etc.) as well as end-user hardware (smart devices) for the patients and features a two-stage helpdesk (primary and medical) to support and coordinate service provision, including state-of-the-art videoconference functionality. BioAssist will contribute with its EHR and the communication features of its service platform.

BIO leads the CrowdHEALTH use case of Data value in healthcare emerging from chronic diseases monitoring, where the habits, the activity level, and the nutrition of individuals enable the extraction of knowledge for the identification of health risks and extract prevention policies. What is more, BIO coordinates the processes for evaluation of all use cases in the innovative environment of CrowdHEALTH providing extensive feedback to the technical tasks.

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